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We were started in 1977 by Bill Spence. Initially he trained mainframe programmers for blue chip companies including ICI and Rank Xerox. (Prior to that Bill had been programmer/programming manager for outfits as diverse as the Inland Revenue, the Church Comissioners and the Distillers Company. (Perhaps there should be a prize if you can spot a common thread betwen that lot! Anyone out there remember the ICL 1900 series?)

As micro computers became available we began to supply and create systems for small companies. One Dunfermline company commissioned a payroll system in 1978 and used it on four generations of hardware for 20 years. Another is still using programs we wrote in 1979. A Dunfermline based windows company had 100,000 customer records on one of our systems in 1987.

Moray Gilmour and John McGill joined in in 1987 giving a solid base of Sales, Software and Hardware skills.

We were an Apricot reseller throughout the 80's and 90's and a Pegasus reseller from the earliest days of Pegasus.

Our work on Pegasus systems usually included some element of bespoke work. This ranged from simply customising a report through to writing new modules. Examples of this include


BS Agency Pay

A complete accounting system for Employment Agencies - in use from Fife to Southampton

BS Printshop

Easy to use printers estimating and invoicing system with stock control of paper

BS Agency

A system for buying groups & co-operatives

BS Toolkit

A set of utilities to make set up and maintenance of Pegasus Opera even easier

BS Sparkle

Order processing thru invoicing to stock control for drinks bottlers/resellers. Also available for small bakers

BS MdP An accounting system for an eco-friendly power station
BS Chips4Fish A sales system for the fishing industry















Our approach to the IT business has always been to identify good, reliable suppliers and to become competent in selling and supporting their products. We have always been wary of the newest flashiest hot items until we could prove their worth - putting our clients at the bleeding edge never seemed like a good idea.

During 1999-2005 we were closely involved with a company which provided security monitoring of remote locations using video cameras over the IP net. We developed software for the central monitoring station which drew operators attention to possible intruders and logged events, including pictures. arising from each incident.

in 2002 our general business of system sales and support was sold and the relevant staff were found positions with the new owner. The software development business was retained. John and Moray transferred to the security company and we returned to our roots with Bill Spence as the sole employee providing software development and support services to existing and new clients

From the start BS Computers was a trading name of William Spence (Computer Consultants) Ltd.

In March 2005, Bill Spence bought the name, the company ceased to trade, but there was no interruption of service.

Any and all previous customers are assured of a welcome and where possible, continuation of the same service.

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