BS Printshop

This system allows the smaller printer to :

As a by product, stocks of paper used are updated.

BS Printshop is integrated into Pegasus Opera giving easy control over customer credit and stocks.


A job begins life as a quote which may be progressed via a proof to a work ticket then invoices(s). At each stage the status of the job may be readily monitored and updated.

A job is priced by entering the number of finished units required ( e.g. 10,000 pages or 250 pads of 125 pages etc.) together with the elements of setup, paper, labour and outwork required . These are kept in reference files with rates and factors e.g. 0.25 hours per 1000 pages.

BS printshop will calculate paper consumption from the finished page size into the paper stock sheet size and when the job is issued for printing it will down date the stock accordingly.

We think that BS Printshop very neatly gives the average printer what he needs without an excess of facilities which may be over the top for all but the biggest.

BS Printshop requires Opera for Windows - Sales ledger and Stock Control, single or multi user..

Because BS Printshop is integrated into Opera, your local Pegasus reseller can provide support with backup from us.


If you would like us to send you more information on BS Printshop please send us your details and we will contact you as quickly as possible e-mail now?


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