BS Agency Pay

Employment Agencies need to

invoice the right client at the right rate
pay the right temp at the right rate

every time - right?

Doing this by hand or with spreadsheets or even with existing computerised payroll and invoicing systems is time consuming and potentially unreliable.

Agency Pay solves all the problems because it is designed for the job -

timesheets in = payslips+invoices out.

Agency Pay is completely integrated into Pegasus Opera. This ensures total data integrity - no transfers from spreadsheets - no batch transfers - no re-keying of data - and all the facilities of the UK's leading modular accounting system.

Agency Pay handles Working Time Regulations

Agency Pay can handle employees or contractors.

Agency Pay can handle any number of pay & charge rates

Agency Pay can handle foreign currencies.

Agency Pay can import data from popular front office systems.

Agency Pay uses Opera's facilities to handle VAT records, PAYE records, BACS processing, debt collection and more.

Agency Pay is in use throughout the UK. Support is available from BS Computers or from selected Pegasus Resellers.

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