We've included this one to show what we can do - but if you've got a power station that burns chicken litter then here's one for you!

Lorries arrive at the powerstation over a weighbridge and the weight of the fuel , its moisture content % and the poultry farm of origin is recorded by the weighbridge system (Avery). It is burned and electricity produced and sent out through meters which record the power despatched. The ash is taken away by lorry and again the weighbridge records the weight of ash and the destination.

The power station is a techno freak's dream - it even burns the smell of the fuel! It is also eco friendly because the ash has all the agricutural nutrients and goes straight to the farmer (before this the chicken s*** had to be rotted down for months before it could be used)

The weighings and the meter readings are imported into our software which fron-ends Opera. The supplier of the fule is automatically paid and the buyers ofthe electricity and ash are automatically invoiced.

If you haven't worked out yet what MdP stands for - try French

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