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BS Agency is designed for companies who act as agents between suppliers and their customers. We distinguish between agency business and trading business. In agency business the company is not a trader, does not mark up the invoices and is not liable for the invoices until the customer has paid him. At that point he has the members money as an asset with a liability to the supplier. The agent obtains his income from fees which he levies on his customers.

This system accepts invoices from suppliers addressed to members. These are stored in a front end until the member pays for them. At that time the payment and the paid invoices are posted to the member's sales ledger account and the same invoices are posted to the suppliers' purchase ledger accounts. The suppliers are then paid via normal Opera procedures.

Each invoice is assumed to have only one line and therefore one sales code and one supply code. The sales code and supply code are the same and must be set up in Opera. The default supply code may be created on each supplier to minimise keyboard effort. The supplier's settlement discount and due date terms should be set up in Opera.

BS Agency assumes that members will pay on time and that the agency will always deduct the settlement discount. (to this end it overrides the settlement days to 999 in all cases). The member is expected to pay his invoices in full and the agency refunds the settlement discount which it obtains in arrears or as a setoff against its fees.

To post invoices in BS Agency -

To post receipts In BS Agency -

You will typically run purchase ledger payment processing weekly in standard Opera fashion. You should always be able to authorise all items to be paid; (especially if you have separate companies for agency business and trading business)

There are various specific reports such as a statement and remittance advice to suit the agency business, together with turnover reports of various types.

It is likely that BS Agency will require some customisation to suit your needs so pleasecontact us to discuss your exact needs

Because BS Agency is integrated into Opera, your local Pegasus reseller can provide support with backup from us.

If you would like us to send you more information on BS Agency please send us your details and we will contact you as quickly as possible e-mail now?


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