BS Toolkit for Opera II

BS Settings.

This provides a system wide means of changing options for bespoke programs.

This allows the bespoke programmer to give flexibility without the cost of writing additional programs to maintain custom Options files.

For example - BS Importer looks for input data in a user defined folder. The location of this folder is stored in the settings file and each user (site) can change this using BS Settings.

In BS Settings you will find a line like this

Name Sequence Expression Description
:=l_bs1_ui 10 &"O:\Input" Default Location of Input
:=l_bs1_ui 20 &"O:\Rules" Default Location of Rules

This is how it will be when first installed but each user can change the Expression to suit his installation.

At Logon, a global array l_bs1_ui is created

In the program we can use l_bs1_ui[1] as the Default Location for the Input Data.

BS Settings enables you to write data driven programs with no performance penalty and no overhead of creating editor(s) for the data.

Because the Expression can be a FoxPro expression, you have even more flexibility.

The expression can be the text of an FP expression which is evaluated at run time.

For more details - see 'Data Driven at Warp Speed', FoxTalk Vol 15 Number 5 May 2003




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