Some of my cars


1959 - Austin 7 1927 - £15.00 in 1959 - sold 1962




1952 Jowett Javelin 62-64

1965 Austin 1300 67-70

1970 Renault 4 70- 75

Frogeye Sprite 72-73

Cortina Estate 72 - 74

Renault 16TS 74-77

Renault 20TL 77-81

Rover 2600 manual

Rover 2600 auto

Fiat Chroma (F)

Fiat Chroma (G)

Honda Accord (H)

Honda Prelude (G)

Nissan Primera Mk2

Nissan Primera Mk3

Jaguar X-type 2.5

Jaguar X- type 2.0d


1987 - Reliant Scimitar 1800ti - bought 1992 sold 2013


One owner since 1992, mileage then was 16,000, now 40,000. Was used as a daily commuting car for 15 years.



note roll over bar - bought from a batch made up by a club member

Hood Up (replacement original spoilers not available; there are alternatives.)




New front wishbones - note bracket for shock absorbers - a Reliant modification of Chevette basic, reinforced and braced in the light of user experience. These were from a small batch made by an owner. There is a small industry of owners who are making parts, generally better than the originals.



The rear suspension arms have been renewed with reinforced versions.

Currently the car has a high ratio diff. The original diff is available.

The original plastic fuel lines have been replaced with metal.

The hardtop is white with roof window and with correct seals.

Also available -

An older pic but looking good, en route to France; 2 people, luggage all in boot; hood down every day.


1991 - Lotus Excel SE - bought 2005 with 25,000 on the clock