This describes the problems I've experienced with the PAS pump and piping


First here's the pump.

I believe it to be a Saginaw product from the time when GM owned Lotus (late 80's). The piping is connected where the red plug is.

Here's the piping

The right hand end goes to the steering rack and is OK. The left hand side connects to the pump. This pipe is as supplied by LotusBits but theirs fitted the pre-Saginaw pump and I had to graft on the connector from the old pipe at the pump end. (The old pipe rotted through at the rack end, requiring replacement of the rack)

Here's the pump connection. (on an A4 sheet)

The connection to the pump is a 'flared' O ring connector and is a US/ imperial size fitting. The tube nut od is 15.73mm and the pipe od is 9.25mm

A previous (braised?) repair to a crack is visible.

It is joined the the main part which is metric by a compression joint . This joint has given trouble (leaked) probably because of straining during installation or because of the change of size of the pipes.

A second compression joint connects to a rubber hose.

I think it would be good to replace the whole rigid pipe with a flexible one. (But why did Lotus use rigid pipe? Cost? Vibration?)

I'm trying to find an adaptor to fit the pump. I've found several which look the part on US sites for example at Kegs but what they can connect to is still a question.

I'd hope for a 90degree elbow to join to a metric braided hose. There's not enough clearance above the pump to connect a hose direct

This braided hose would either be joined at the (other) existing compression joint or would replace the existing rubber hose.